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This Image was taken from the International Space Station nearly 12 years ago on July 21, 2003.
Think of it, the Earth’s Space Station – Humanity’s Space Station – is now more than 16 years old.

Before that humanity had separate stations, but now we explore the grandest of mysteries united.
This great effort of space exploration demands peaceful compromise and cooperation.

There are now millions of children who know space in this way.
So, when you feel that life is heavy.

If the news tells you that we have failed. If you are beginning to loose hope.
Just look up. Know that this is the future of our Species: On a Station orbiting Earth once every 90 minutes, the peaceful ascent of humanity into the Solar System has begun.

This is the beginning of our great journey.

If we crave some cosmic purpose, let us find ourselves a worthy goal

~ Carl Sagan ~
Credit: NASA Earth-Sun Day