Treat Everyone as you want to be treated


carmenbass | mariafranorge

In a world of negativity, every positive act you perform, no matter how small, not only helps to set a good example, it helps to diminish the effectiveness of those who spew hate and negativity.

If you want to do some good then literally do some good. Make a positive difference in someone’s life. Do the things you wish more people would do.

What you do for people and the moments and memories you help create can literally change a person’s life (including your own).

It’s OK to be concerned, angry, and upset about the state of things. It’s OK to speak out against hate, intolerance, and injustice. It’s OK to stand up for what you believe is morally right. Just be sure that when you do so, you do it in a way that has a positive impact and doesn’t just add to the negative energy that you oppose. Convert your positive (or negative) energy into positive action. Lead by example by performing actions that you can be proud of no matter how you are feeling.

Make sure children and adults alike can see that there is far more to the world than the things that get shown in the news. That there is far more good in the world than hate. And far more people wishing to create something beautiful than those who wish to destroy it.

Some people may be beyond reach, but there are still countless individuals of all ages and all walks of life in the world that could use the guidance of your good example.

Treat Everyone as you want to be treated.

I think that we are like stars


carmenbass | mariafranorge

I think that we are like stars.
Something happens to burst us open;
but when we burst open and think we
are dying; we’re actually turning into
a supernova. And then when we look
at ourselves again, we see that we’re
suddenly more beautiful than we ever
were before!

C. JoyBell C.

A Gentle Warrior

I Chooseto be a Gentle Warrior
I Refuse to live in a state of fear

I Choose to be alive this moment
I Refuse to worry about next year

I Choose to live a life of abundance
I Refuse to believe the illusion of lack

I Choose to do what I know is right
I Refuse to let anyone hold me back

I Choose to live in peace and love
I Refuse to suffer with anger and hate

I Choose to continue to learn and grow
I Refuse to believe it’s ever too late

I Choose to live eternally now
I Refuse to ignore the wake up call

I Choose to put my faith in God
I Refuse to stay down if I should fall

By mikefrawley

We are not aware

We need more love,
to supersede hatred,
We need more inspiration,
to lighten up our innermind.
We need more learning,
to erase our ignorance,
We need more wisdom,
to live longer and happier,
We need more truths,
to suppress deceptions,
We need more smiles,
to brighten up our day,
We need more humility
to be lifted up,
We need more focus,
to avoid distraction,
We need more optimism,
not pessimism
We need more facts,
not fiction,
We need more helping hands,
not stingy folks,
We need more jokes,
to forget our worries,
We need more spirituality,
not mean religion,
We need more freedom,
not enslavement,
We need more understanding,
to tackle our misunderstanding,
We need more peacemakers,
not revolutionaries, with these,
we create an heaven on earth.