Oh lovers, where are you going?


Oh lovers, where are you going?
Who are you looking for?
Your beloved is right here.
She lives in your own neighborhood.

Her face is veiled.
She hides behind screens calling for you,
while you search and lose yourself
in the wilderness and the desert.

Cease looking for flowers,
there blooms a garden in your own home.
While you go looking for trinkets,
your treasure house awaits you
in your own being.

There is no need for suffering, God is here!



There is a Water that flows down from Heaven
To cleanse the world of sin by grace Divine.
At last, its whole stock spent, its virtue gone.

Dark with pollution not its own, it speeds
Back to the Fountain of all purities;
Whence, freshly bathed, earthward it sweeps again,
Trailing a robe of glory bright and pure.

This Water is the Spirit of the Saints,
Which ever sheds, until itself is beggared,
God’s balm on the sick soul; and then returns
To Him who made the purest light of Heaven

The Angel


justbeingnamastejelauddinrumi | Rumi

The Angel is free because of his knowledge,
the Beast because of his Ignorance.

Angels dance only with You, Beloved and
only before You do I bow in adoration.

You may accept me or not but I will be..
at your feet forever.

When I die, I shall soar with Angels, and..
when I die to the Angels, what I shall …
become you cannot imagine.

What happens when your soul …


justbeingnamaste | jelauddinrumi | Rumi

What happens when your soul
begins to awaken
Your Eyes, Your Heart
And the cells of your Body
To the great Journey of Love?

First there is wonderful laughter
And probably precious tears

Turn your back on those
Who would imprison your
wondrous spirit
With deceit and lies

Come, join the courageous
Who have no choice
But to bet their entire world
That indeed,
Indeed, God is Real

Elijo …

Elijo amarte en silencio …
porque en el silencio no encuentro  rechazo.

Elijo amarte en soledad …
porque en la soledad nadie es mi dueño.

Elijo adorarte desde la distancia …
porque la distancia me proteje del dolor.

Elijo besarte en el viento …
porque el viento es más suave que mis labios.

Elijo tenerte en mis sueños …
porque en mis sueños, amarte no tiene fin.