Aloneness and freedom


carmenbass | jalaluddinrumi

This aloneness is worth more than a thousand lives.
This freedom is worth more than all the lands on earth.
To be one with the truth for just a moment,
Is worth more than the world and life itself.


People never analyze themselves


Millions of People never analyze themselves.
Mentally they are Mechanical Products of the Factory of their Environment, preoccupied with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Working and Sleeping, going here and there to be entertained.

They don’t know what or why they are seeking, nor why they never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction.

By evading Self-Analysis, People go on being Robots, conditioned by their Environment.

☆ ● ~Free YourSelf From Mental Slavery~ ● ☆

Neither You, Nor me


Alike for those who for To-day prepare,
And those that after some To-morrow stare,
A Muezzin from the Tower of Darkness cries
“Fools! Your Reward is neither Here nor There!”

Oh, come with old Khayyam, and leave the Wise
To talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies;
One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies;
The Flower that once has blown forever dies.

Myself when young did eagerly frequent
Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument
About it and about; but evermore
Came out by the same Door as in I went.

With them the Seed of Wisdom did I sow,
And with my own hand labour’d it to grow:
And this was all the Harvest that I reap’d –
“I came like Water and like Wind I go.”

Into this Universe, and Why not knowing,
Nor Whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing:
And out of it, as Wind along the Waste,
I know not Whither, willy-nilly blowing.

There was a door between You & Me,
To which I found no key,
A fog with an unclear gaze through which,
Neither You, Nor I could see,
Some little talks, A little wit,
Passed through You; through me,
And there seemed remained,
Neither You, Nor me.

Water is Life


Water is the lifeblood of our bodies, our economy, our nation and our well-being.
Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. here is no life without water.
Clean water, the essence of life and a birthright for everyone, must become
available to all people now. Water is Life

Treat Everyone as you want to be treated


carmenbass | mariafranorge

In a world of negativity, every positive act you perform, no matter how small, not only helps to set a good example, it helps to diminish the effectiveness of those who spew hate and negativity.

If you want to do some good then literally do some good. Make a positive difference in someone’s life. Do the things you wish more people would do.

What you do for people and the moments and memories you help create can literally change a person’s life (including your own).

It’s OK to be concerned, angry, and upset about the state of things. It’s OK to speak out against hate, intolerance, and injustice. It’s OK to stand up for what you believe is morally right. Just be sure that when you do so, you do it in a way that has a positive impact and doesn’t just add to the negative energy that you oppose. Convert your positive (or negative) energy into positive action. Lead by example by performing actions that you can be proud of no matter how you are feeling.

Make sure children and adults alike can see that there is far more to the world than the things that get shown in the news. That there is far more good in the world than hate. And far more people wishing to create something beautiful than those who wish to destroy it.

Some people may be beyond reach, but there are still countless individuals of all ages and all walks of life in the world that could use the guidance of your good example.

Treat Everyone as you want to be treated.