A solution to love ourselves once again


And violence is not the only concern to be had over entertainment.
Also be mindful about what you are being sold.
The coveted perfect life is a created standard, which is purposely unattainable.
Deceptive media images of faces, bodies, and lifestyles, make us hate ourselves so we will buy a solution to love ourselves once again.
Advertisements make us ashamed of our blemishes, imperfections, and flaws, but these so-called flaws are really our strengths and gifts.
These images, idols and fixations on conformity and unattainable perfection make us illusion-prisoners.
The very brands that promise us relief and personal freedom deliver the opposite of freedom; instead turning us into material junkies.
They are using us, and in the process convince us to trade our originality and personal freedom for lives of economic slavery and psychological dependency.


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