Do not seek anywhere


Do not seek anywhere but within for love.
Do not build walls preventing love from entering,
rather build an aura around you that is penetrable
to allow a flow of love to constantly go through you.
We are but a mere vessel of love.
This vessel is connected to all things.
Love is channeled through all these streams
and it is constantly flowing.
If an attempt is made to contain this love,
it will break the dam thus causing an overwhelming amount
of grief and sense of drowning.
When love is allowed to flow naturally without trying
to possess it, it gives one all that is needed.
It protects you. It serves you. It guides you.
And most of all it loves you. Love is meant to flow.
Embrace the flow. It is always going through you.
Do not ever doubt it. Love connects us all.
The all is love itself, so that includes you.
You are never without love.
In fact, you are Love


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