River of passion



To an awakened man who has learned to listen to his heart,
the woman he loves is not just an object of beauty to adore and pleasure his senses.
She is also an angel of light that has come to reveal his own darkness and
to call him to sacrifice his ego upon the altar of unconditional love.

It is only when he has truly understood what it means to have surrendered
his egoic ways that his eyes are opened to behold the goddess before him.

He sees her love as divine, flowing from the heart of heaven itself,
as a gift to him. And contrary to how she may perceive herself, he doesn’t see any flaws.

An awakened man looks through the eyes of love and just sees
perfect imperfections. And in doing so, he captivates his woman’s heart.

He opens her up to love from a deep sacred place that transcends anything
that either of them has experienced, a place where the soul
is set on fire and the body is swept away in a river of passion.

Such it is that awaits an awakened man who chooses to love an evolved woman.

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