Life in the cloud


Life in the cloud

Life in the clouds can be extremely convenient, but I’d like to add some tips for a conscious use of these services because falling from the clouds can be disastrous!

Weigh up the risks and benefits and select properly the data
Check the amount and type of data to be included in the cloud and assess the risks and consequences related to temporary data unavailability or, at worst, data/confidentiality  loss.

Check the reliability of the service provider
Evaluate the stability of the company, the references, the guarantees regarding data confidentiality and the measures taken to ensure the continuity of the services.

Give priority to services that promote data portability
Use services based on open formats and standards to facilitate the transition from a cloud to another, even if operated by different providers.

Pay attention to contract terms
Well… Fuhgeddaboudit!

Ensure the availability of the data in case of need
If data loss could cause serious problems keep a backup copy.

Do not lose sight of the data
Check if the provider is an intermediary, that is, if it supplies a service using the technology provided by a third-party operator.

Find out where the data physically resides
It is important to establish the jurisdiction and the applicable law in the case of disputes between the user and the service provider.

Verify the policies related to data conservation
Check the time of persistence of the data in the cloud, they must not be deleted before the time set by the contract, but also they must not remain after the end of the contract.

Take appropriate precautions to protect the confidentiality
Choose service providers that use secure transmission techniques.



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