Step beyond the limitations

Don’t take refuge in seeing yourself as a victim. Take pride in getting yourself to do good and valuable things.

Everybody has problems and limitations and extenuating circumstances. Yet progress is always possible no matter what.

Sure, there is unfairness and there is injustice in the world. Work to
right those wrongs but don’t fall into the trap of using them as

When you choose to move forward, there are all kinds of things that
could go wrong. But that is no reason to hide from life or to remain
stuck where you are.

You don’t have to be defined by your disappointments, injuries or
limitations. Choose instead to define yourself by your highest visions,
your dreams, goals and ambitions.

You are a unique, creative bundle of positive possibilities, so live
your life that way. There is so very much good you can do, so let go of
the excuses, step beyond the limitations, and make more of the goodness
happen today.

Ralph Marston

{ Gif Animated Photo by DarkAngel0ne }



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